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5 Business Lessons from Riding a Motorcycle in Nairobi

I got my first motorcycle when I was 16 and started to ride the streets of Nairobi.  Fortunately, we had fewer cars on the road back in the early ‘90s. I started to understand the way to see and think when dealing with the odd assortment of experiences you face on Kenyan streets.  Today, I … read more

Future Thinking in a Time of Chaos

Future thinking is a challenging exercise even in the most stable of times.  What is going to be important to society in 10 years? Imagine being the gig-economy visioneers like Uber and Airbnb getting sneered at back in 2010.  On the scary side, think of what it must be like to be an oil-dependent economy … read more

Working in the Field During Coronavirus

BRCK’s field team plays an essential role in keeping Moja WiFi up and running and our customers happy and online. On most days, we’re spread out across different cities and towns, providing maintenance to our equipment in matatus and at fixed sites. We are continuously problem solving as unexpected challenges arise. We are used to … read more

Rwanda: Connectivity Challenges in a Coronavirus Lockdown

BRCK has successfully run its Moja Wi-Fi platform on public buses in Kigali, Rwanda for just under two years now. Moja, delivered through our SupaBRCK, has been deployed in about 300 buses in partnership with a local Rwanda ICT group that specializes in smart and interactive IT solutions for the transport sector. The service, providing … read more

Groundshots in an Age of Moonshots

I love the “moonshot” ideology, a type of thinking that aims to achieve something that is generally believed to be impossible.  I first came across this concept with Google X and their way of thinking about hard problems. Who wouldn’t get inspired by solving a massive challenge using next generation technology? Especially when it’s backed … read more

The Affordability Barrier: Moja in Numbers

BRCK started Moja Free Wi-Fi because we saw that people had trouble connecting to the internet — and this was often due to an affordability barrier, along with an accessibility barrier. Specifically in the African context, we have observed for some time that, despite significant mobile phone penetration, people are still struggling to pay for … read more

Bridging the Digital Divide to Flatten the African Curve

BRCK’s Moja network covers 2 million people and has 8 million+ sessions per month, making it one of the largest public WiFi networks on the continent.  With that kind of reach, we realized we could do something to help spread the information that’s so necessary during this crisis in order to flatten the African curve. … read more

Internet in the Time of Coronavirus

The world shifted last week, and a new reality sits in front of us. We always paid lip-service to how important the internet was when everything was normal. We’ve all just realized it’s absolutely critical when things go upside down at a global level. “There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where … read more