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A Tribute to the Women of BRCK

I’m here seated at my corner and, whenever I put my head up and look around, I see her.  As I walk around to get a cup of coffee, she is there looking beautiful and sophisticated. She is everywhere, like the wind or the air that we breathe. I go to have lunch at Friends … read more

Introducing Moja Lami

Improving Customer Experience with Marketing Analytics Consider the plight of a marketing manager at a large or small corporation. They want to address a customer segment issue, track marketing analytics, or launch a campaign from the comfort of their office. The challenge they face is the need to analyze a significant amount of data and … read more

4 Things You Should Know About Moja

At BRCK, we build connectivity solutions that solve hard problems. Global internet penetration continues to experience growth, with 4.38 billion people (roughly 57%) of the world’s population having access to internet services. While many African countries like Tanzania, Rwanda, and Djibouti have demonstrated impressive year-on-year growth in connectivity, internet penetration in Eastern Africa is only … read more

Thoughts on 2019: A Message from BRCK’s COO

The title of this blogpost was supposed to be “A Day at BRCK”. But there is no typical day at BRCK and it’s interesting to think about this at the end of the year and look back at what a culmination of days has looked like and meant to me. As the COO of BRCK, … read more

BRCK’s Vehicle Tracking System Project at Rosslyn Academy

Rosslyn Academy is an international school in Nairobi. They have approximately 700 students who live in neighborhoods across the city, many of whom ride the Rosslyn school bus daily. Like many organizations that monitor a large fleet of vehicles, Rosslyn was having several challenges with these buses. Diesel was being stolen, vehicles were being misused, … read more

Moja is Coming to South Africa

Kilimanjaro rises through the cotton clouds, spread like a skirt around it. I don’t often get this view as most of my flights go West or North from Nairobi. This time I do, though, as I head to South Africa for the annual trek to AfricaCom, that gathering of all things established telecom and a … read more

Building For Our Markets: Operating Within Our Constraints

I recently attended a workshop titled “The Curse of the Kenyan Startup.” It examined the challenges faced by new companies in Africa, especially in Kenya.  The chair and panelists focused on discussing the reasons that keep Kenyan startups from attaining global reach. These included (1) lack of funding, (2) poor execution by the founding and … read more

Providing Connectivity: My LTE Tour of Kenya

Providing connectivity in remote regions of Kenya is challenging. I would know. After staying in Dadaab Refugee Camp for well over six years, providing access to the internet to refugees and humanitarian workers, I imagined I had experienced the toughest connectivity scenario possible. Well, that was before I scaled the heights of the Lolldaiga Hills … read more