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BRCK Eclipse Day 3 – night riders

Day 3 started a little late as we had to fix Taylor’s front forks, which had met with an untimely collision with some mud and sand the day before. He rode about 100 kilometers on a skewed front tire, which just made the sand at night a bit harder, so it was a miracle that … read more

BRCK Eclipse Trip – Day 2

Well, yesterday was exhausting. 14-hours of driving and riding later and we pulled into Kurungu. We roared off at 6:30am from Nanyuki, only to have a puncture an hour later, that cost us almost 1.5 hours due to complications. This had a ripple effect that meant getting to Laisamis at 1pm. Rain hit us in … read more

A bit of a puncture

We expect a few issues like this, but none in as beautiful of a background as Mt Kenya rising clearly behind our backs. Thank god for tire slime and air compressors.

BRCK Eclipse Trip – Day 1

This morning finds the BRCK team in Nanyuki, only about 3-4 hours outside of Nairobi. The same place we were supposed to be having breakfast yesterday, not today. A rather inauspicious start happened about 30 kilometers into the trip when the Land Rover decided it was going to have some cooling problems. After two hours … read more


We’re getting ready to head out on Thursday for Lake Turkana. One Land Rover, Two Days to get there, Three Motor Bikes, Six Guys, 10 Jerry Cans for Extra Fuel. Looks like we are in for an adventure.

Hybrid Eclispe, live from Lake Turkana, Kenya

We hear a lot about how the internet makes the world flat. But in practice the topography is more diverse. While good internet access is growing all over the world, there are still 3 billion people in the world who don’t even have the opportunity to access broadband internet, let alone the financial or infrastructure … read more

Big day for BRCK

It’s a big day for BRCK, as we have two announcements to make. First, BRCK has become it’s own organization, spinning out of Ushahidi (who still plays a major role on the board and advising), and ready to go its own direction. There’s a new AngelList profile and subsequently, we are raising our first round … read more

BRCK Production Update

BRCK Production Update To our Kickstart supporters and fans of BRCK: We have had to make a very difficult decision to delay the production release of the BRCK until January. We have been pushing nonstop to get our cases, boards, and software finalized and ready for production – and we are almost there. Unfortunately, we … read more