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Details to come next week, but just something to share with everyone over the week. Spread the Word, share the Internet of Things love.


BRCK shirts out in the world Here’s the lovely Chirstopher Neu of Tech Change (@neuguy) sporting his BRCK shirt. If you love your shirt(s) tweet them to @brcknet and we’ll share them on our tumblr. Share the love, spread the Internet of Things revolution.


jonshuler: Hanging out with BRCK in Paris. We had a lovely time in Paris at the BSF Urgency of Reading Conference.

BRCK Prototyping, Powered by Sugru

BRCK Prototyping, Powered by Sugru Remember when we said that Prints Break? Well, Sugru is how we repaired most of those broken prints so we could at least work with them a little more. We also used it to quickly fabricate pedestals, glue down PCBs, and even make buttons! Check out a couple of the … read more


BRCK stickers and T-Shirts ship today!


Juliana’s BRCK booted up in the lobby at the Clinton Global Initiative.

Case Design Finalized

We keep saying that the BRCK Engineering team is working feverishly to meet our kickstarter deadlines and today we get to show you what some of the fuss has been about. This is a 3D print of the final design for the BRCK’s case, careful observers will note that it’s a bit taller and the … read more

Shoulder Bags Finalized

Our Shoulder Bags are leaving KE for the states soon!