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BRCK’s CEO at WEF: Digital Ecosystems in Davos

Two weeks ago our CEO Erik Hersman was invited by the Economist to speak on a panel about digital ecosystems at the World Economic Forum in Davos. A short video was created with soundbites from the event. The discussion was chaired by Matthew Bishop, Editorial Director, New Initiatives, at The Economist between the President of … read more

Turkana, Texas, and Miles to Go Before We Sleep

Since we last updated you a month ago, a lot of great things have been happening. Reg and Erik are on their way to Austin, speaking at SXSW on Friday. If you’re in town, do come by and talk to us. We’ll have some BRCKs with us and will show you how it’s going. You … read more

BRCK in the News

BRCK’s been lucky enough to get some exciting press attention in the last month, here are the highlights. Der Spiegel has a great article about mobile changing Africa and gives a great context for BRCK. The Conversation featured BRCK as well OH, we also made it into Wired UK back in November!!!!

There and Back again.

There and Back from BRCK on Vimeo. A quick sneak peak at our adventures up country thus far.

Catching the Eclipse

Nothing is certain. You’ve thought through all the variables, your made your plan, you’ve prepped, but nothing is certain. The next best thing you get after certainty is reliability. BRCK stood up to the rigors of one of Africa’s most challenging environments even as the total eclipse was hidden behind a passing storm. We’re proud … read more

The Hybrid Eclipse, from Sibiloi Kenya

Well, we had a great trek up to northern Kenya, to the shores of Lake Turkana to catch this rare hybrid eclipse (see past posts). However, we had a massive dust and rain storm hit 45 minutes before the event. Unfortunately, those clouds hit the sun just the few minutes before the eclipse. All of … read more


We’re getting ready to head out on Thursday for Lake Turkana. One Land Rover, Two Days to get there, Three Motor Bikes, Six Guys, 10 Jerry Cans for Extra Fuel. Looks like we are in for an adventure.

Hybrid Eclispe, live from Lake Turkana, Kenya

We hear a lot about how the internet makes the world flat. But in practice the topography is more diverse. While good internet access is growing all over the world, there are still 3 billion people in the world who don’t even have the opportunity to access broadband internet, let alone the financial or infrastructure … read more