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BRCK Nile Expedition Redux

With all the hubbub about the team’s epic three week dash to South Africa and back, some may have forgotten that only a month and a half ago, the other half of the team were cruising Lake Victoria and the Nile in Uganda. The video edit is done, though, so we’re bringing it back! We started … read more

How the Internet of Things Can Help Save Our Rivers

You’ve been hearing a lot about our recent trip to Uganda, and we’re not through yet! In addition to working with Hackers for Charity, connecting schools around Jinja, and wirelessly controlling underwater robots, we wanted to explore the IoT side of the BRCK, too. A number of people we’re working with are keen on using … read more

BRCK+ED Expedition: Part Two

The BRCK team is back in Nairobi! We’ve just spent six days testing BRCKs in the wild and learning from those who use our products to solve problems they face everyday. We’ve been a bit remiss in providing regular updates as we go. It turns out Jinja, Uganda, is an exciting place, and we were running from … read more

BRCK+ED Expedition: Connecting Lingira Secondary School

Over the past three months we have received a huge amount of interest from educators about the BRCK. This has been a real eye opener for us. Because of this we planned an expedition to visit Johnny Long, a long time member of the BRCK community, who runs Hackers For Charity in Jinja, Uganda. He … read more

Expedition 2014 – Exploring Edtech on the Water

It’s that time of year in Kenya again – the “short rains” are coming, there’s a slight chill in the air, and every now and then, the sky opens up for a brief deluge of water. It’s hard to avoid getting wet during the rainy season here, something we’ve designed the BRCK to handle (in … read more

BRCK How To: Tear Down

So, you want to hack your BRCK, eh? Good for you! There are all sorts of goodies inside that you can use to do everything from monitor remote sensors to boil water (with a couple infinite loops thrown in your code, of course). If you want to take your BRCK apart, just be aware of … read more

BRCKs in Schools – Part Two

Those of you that have been following our blog for a while know that a number of our partners work in the education technology sphere. Today, we went back to a school in Kawangware that we first visited in April with eLimu, a Kenyan edtech startup that introduced a tablet program to help primary school … read more

BRCK How To: Registration

Welcome to a new series of videos called BRCK: How To’s! We’re kicking things off with a step-by-step walkthrough of the first thing you’ll want to do when you get your BRCK: register it. Learn everything from what the lights mean to how to handle some commonly encountered issues. Enjoy, and see below for a … read more