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Visiting our Solomon Islands Schools

BRCK has been known for developing products for the edge of the network and very remote regions of the world. Lately our products have been pushing even what we as BRCKers consider the edge. One of our biggest themes is the “if it works in Africa, it can work anywhere.” And that was never more … read more

Every bite is an expedition

At BRCK, we are people first, design second and then technology brings it all together. The reason why I like today is because we really got to do the people part really well. Be helpful On expeditions we keep to a very tight schedule in order to complete all our scheduled stops and tasks. However … read more

Behind the scenes at the Kio + Kio Kit launch

BRCK is at it again. Over the past 48 hours, much has been said about “BRCK Education’s” launch of their flagship products the Kio and the Kio Kit.  The Kio is a ruggedized tablet for African schools and the Kio Kit is a revolutionary digital classroom in a box. It consisting of 40 tablets plus a BRCK+PI … read more

UX and QA adventures

At BRCK we are fanatical about User Experience (UX) and Quality Analysis (QA). That is why last week, we took the fantastic 5 to Kajiado to spend a day with one of our BRCKs in the wild. Kajiado is a town located 80 kilometres south of Nairobi, along the Nairobi – Arusha highway (A104 road). … read more

The BRCK at Rhino Charge 2015

The Rhino Charge is an annual off-roading competition in Kenya where racers are required to visit a number of checkpoints while traveling the shortest possible distance across difficult, trackless terrain, where speed is not a necessity although you have to complete the race before 5:30pm. You can see some of our coverage from last year … read more