Bandwidth and BRCK partner

Bandwidth and BRCK partner on SIP Trunking

Who we are:

In 2013 BRCK was founded with a mission to build the most reliable internet routers in the world.  Since that time, we have grown to not only build the world’s most reliable routers, but also some of the best software and communications equipment to reliably keep people, businesses, and organizations connected and talking around the world.  BRCK has a long history and a strong foundation in building resilient and reliable communications, and we are focused on building towards “what’s next”, bringing real innovation into this industry.

We often say, “You can have the best features in the world, but if you pick up the phone and you don’t get a dial tone, it doesn’t work.” BRCK brings that hardened and tested mentality to everything it does, our SIP trunking is no different. We mix that mental model with the forward thinking features that are demanded by not just today’s, but tomorrow’s companies. 

The team:

Lance Condray, CEO, was Bandwidth’s first CFO in 2001. He subsequently led the team that built Bandwidth’s enterprise business unit before leaving in 2014 to cofound a mobile technology company in Silicon Valley. His company, Endaga, was later sold to Facebook where he continued building mobile networks for unconnected people in the most challenging places on the planet. Coming full circle, equipped with experience from the world’s best companies, he is excited to support Bandwidth’s customers and build the leading company in the industry.

T.R. Missner, CTO, started his career in Telecom at GTE in Tampa, FL in 1994. He subsequently worked on the first softswitch at Level(3) Communications starting in 1999. From 2006 to 2010 T.R. was CTO at Bandwidth where he architected and led the build of Bandwidth’s first SIP Trunking product as well as Bandwidth’s CLEC network. T.R. went on to become lead architect for Dialpad where he spent 5 years working in the Enterprise Telephony space before moving to Google where he led Google’s Voice and Messaging Operations team globally. Like Lance, T.R. has now come full circle and is very excited to return to the world of SIP Trunking in support of current and future customers. 

SIP Trunking Business

Our team has deep experience with SIP Trunking, in fact we helped build the product for Bandwidth. As a current customer, no changes are required by you or your company for your services to continue as normal. BRCK has contracted with Bandwidth to continue using its network for your communications traffic, and we do not anticipate an impact to your core service. Following the transition, BRCK plans to make new features available to you, including portal access to manage your account, elastic trunks, and business messaging.

Customer support will transition from Bandwidth to BRCK on September 12th and you will receive your first BRCK invoice in early October. There are no pricing changes to your existing products. soon you will receive another message with details on how to transition your payment details to BRCK.