The Kio Kit at the National Library in Thika

Fender | January 26th, 2016

The year has started off with a bang here at BRCK! We have shipped Kio Kits to a school project in Tanzania, and just yesterday we spent  the day at ...

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We’ve shipped Kio Kits to Tanzania!

Angela Muigai | January 19th, 2016

When we set out to build the Kio Kit, we were challenged by the opportunity to make a difference in education. Our passion for hardware and software, ...

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Further Capital to Grow BRCK

Erik Hersman | January 8th, 2016

2015 was a big year at BRCK, transitioning from designing, engineering and manufacturing a product to creating services that use the BRCK as an enabli...

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New Office

Rufus Muturi | January 4th, 2016

When BRCK started out, it was just four of us in 2013.  At the beginning of the year (2015) we had nine people so we did not take up much space.  Us...

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Coming Home

Rufus Muturi | December 17th, 2015

Today marks the last day of our annual expedition. We had a great time, learned a lot and made many new friends. It seems to be over all too soon, esp...

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Every bite is an expedition

Peter | December 16th, 2015

At BRCK, we are people first, design second and then technology brings it all together. The reason why I like today is because we really got to do the...

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Designing at the edge of the grid

Mark Kamau | December 14th, 2015

A year ago, I coined a phrase that grounded my passion for human centered design and is the reason I wake up every morning. “Africa cannot afford un...

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Some Things are Different but Mostly We’re the Same

Philip Walton | December 14th, 2015

Yesterday, while staying with the Samburu near Kalama, I had the opportunity to ride into Archer’s Post with my new Samburu friend Mike. Mike has th...

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