Great roads and a bit of engine trouble (NBO2JHB day 1)

Erik Hersman | November 24th, 2014

(By Erik) I’m writing this blog post using my Mac, connected to a BRCK which is connected to a satellite internet connection using an Inmarsat iSavi...

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A BRCK Expedition Run to South Africa (and back)

Erik Hersman | November 22nd, 2014

(Republished from Erik’s blog) Two days from now we begin a BRCK overland expedition to South Africa. Like any of our trips, it is meant to be f...

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How the Internet of Things Can Help Save Our Rivers

Paul Birkelo | November 16th, 2014

You’ve been hearing a lot about our recent trip to Uganda, and we’re not through yet! In addition to working with Hackers for Charity, connecting ...

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Going deep with openROV

Kurt Unger | November 10th, 2014

BRCK has a great relationship with the folks over at openROV, the creators of underwater exploration robots. They set us up with one of their units an...

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BRCK+ED Expedition: Part Two

Paul Birkelo | November 9th, 2014

The BRCK team is back in Nairobi! We’ve just spent six days testing BRCKs in the wild and learning from those who use our products to solve proble...

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BRCK+ED Expedition: Connecting Lingira Secondary School

Paul Birkelo | November 5th, 2014

Over the past three months we have received a huge amount of interest from educators about the BRCK. This has been a real eye opener for us. Because o...

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Expedition 2014 – Exploring Edtech on the Water

Paul Birkelo | November 1st, 2014

It’s that time of year in Kenya again – the “short rains” are coming, there’s a slight chill in the air, and every now and then, the sky ope...

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A BRCK Technical Update: Oct 2014

Erik Hersman | October 19th, 2014

I’ve been a bit remiss in my updates to everyone about what’s going on within the BRCK house. In short, we’ve been sleeping few hour...

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