Do you think you can do hard things?

At BRCK we work as a team, have fun, take risks, and do hard things. A position at BRCK is not a normal 9-5 desk job. We have a dynamic office that fosters collaboration and creativity. We require everyone to go into the field to spend time with our end users, experience how our products work or fail, and how that impacts the people who rely on them. We are constantly trying to improve what we do and how we do it, and we reward those who excel by giving opportunities for career growth.

We are on the cutting edge of providing connectivity solutions to frontier markets and we need our team to be up to the task. BRCK is looking for people who are willing to persevere through challenges, think critically, work collaboratively, and see obstacles as opportunities.

We also have a lot of fun at BRCK, with trips that take us outside of Nairobi for both field research and the joy of adventuring.


Office Culture

We want people to enjoy coming into work. We have a dynamic and supportive office environment, with work hours that make sense for Nairobi’s context, a casual dress code, an open door policy, and fun features like catered lunches every Wednesday.

Career Progression

A job at BRCK propels your career forward. You have ownership of your work, are challenged to do hard things, and have the freedom to bring forward your ideas and innovations.

Competitive Pay

We know you have a life outside of work, including bills to pay and adventures to fund. At BRCK, you can be sure to be compensated competitively in relation to other players in the region.

Quality of Life

We are human beings, not human resources. We offer generous healthcare coverage and leave time so you can do your job with less stress and more energy.

Team Excursions

We like to have fun and go on adventures. Whether it’s testing our products in remote areas of the continent, participating in Rhino Charge, or running in the Lewa Marathon, we get out of the office, outside of Nairobi, and get to know each other better.

BRCK Football

Whether you like to play football or just enjoy participating in a fantasy league, at BRCK you can do both. Compete with your colleagues and get to know each other better outside of work.

Open Positions

  • Channel Partner Software Engineer

    Channel Partner Software Engineer BRCK’s network footprint is growing outside of Kenya and has deployments now in 3 continents. As the networks and partners infrastructure expands we have a requirement to better support our partner networks with dedicated software engineers.  For the role of Partner Software Engineer we are looking for someone that is a … read more

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  • Business Intelligence Engineer/Data Scientist

    Are you excited about an opportunity to showcase your skills as a data engineer? Are you looking forward to working in an organization that innovates to change lives? Here’s your shot at being a part of something revolutionary!

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