A Little on PicoBRCK and Mt Kenya

In the next five days (from the time of writing this), a small BRCK team (Kurt, Fenda, Dado, Paul, Jeff and myself) will pull off something incredible that will mark the beginning of a beautiful era of Kenyan Engineering. We will go up Mt. Kenya and install the first ever Kenyan made weather station running on picoBRCK, our IoT prototype made in Africa, by Africa, for Africa. And just to spice things up, our position as we ascend will also be tracked via GPS that is also powered by picoBRCK. Both the weather data and GPS data will be presented on our expeditions page at the following link: [caption id="attachment_1971" align="aligncenter" width="530"]PICOBRCK BOARDS picoBRCK prototype boards in assembly[/caption] Every time I think about picoBRCK, the nerd in me geeks out with all the possibilities this cool inventions will provide. So far, we have been able to make picoBRCK monitor wildlife, measure water flow, read weather elements, track GPS coordinates, tell the time, make a call, send text messages and log pictures and files onto an SD card as well as onto a remote server. It doesn't end there though. BRCK will try and do challenges from our loving family (that's you). Drop us a line with what you want picoBRCK to do next and we will do a video or a blog with the results and share it with you. Happy times are ahead of us Africa. I hope you stay tuned to updates of our expedition to Mt. Kenya. PS: I hope to open source and share with you the firmware to take pictures and store them or send them to a remote server. Killah.

Written by kila

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