BRCK builds the software and hardware for reliable connectivity. Anywhere.

BRCK has a long history and a strong foundation in building resilient and reliable communications, and we are focused on building towards “what’s next”, bringing real innovation into this industry.

Practical problem solving, started in Africa and now global

In 2013 BRCK was founded with a mission to build the most reliable internet routers in the world.  Since that time, we have grown to not only build the world’s most reliable routers, but also some of the best software and communications equipment to reliably keep people, businesses, and organizations connected and talking around the world.

We often say, “You can have the best features in the world, but if you pick up the phone and you don’t get a dial tone, it doesn’t work.” BRCK brings that hardened and tested mentality to everything it does. We mix that mental model with the forward thinking features that are demanded by not just today’s, but tomorrow’s companies. 

Our History

Throughout our history, connectivity has always been at the heart of what we create, which is why we offer our primary service, Moja WiFi. It provides free access to the internet and a platform for sharing content. Over the years, we have created a series of products, each building on the technology of our previous accomplishments, and all with the same mission of spreading digital access.