Bags are Almost Done

tool bag photo 1

At BRCK we love a good bag. and we know we’re not alone.

Bags are our life blood on the road, and on the road is where a lot of us are more often than not. We’ve all had bags we loved and held onto until the patches and repairs were making up more of the bag than what was left of the origional. But too often, we find that bags don’t live up to their potential, zippers fail, fabric runs, seams fall appart.

When we decided to do a release of custom bags made in Nairobi for the Kickstarter, we knew we had to make them great. Durable, handsom, functional, simple.

It’s take longer than we would have liked, but we finally have a shoulder bag and a tool bag that we’re happy with. Both bags are being finished over the over the next few weeks and will be headed into the later in October.

tool bag photo 2

Written by nivi

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