BRCK Expedition 2016 – Mt Kenya: Update

It has been three days since our team set off for Mt Kenya and so far the climb has gone well! The weather station, through the PicoBRCK has been sending back data, which you can view here and you also follow the team's progress up the mountain via GPS. We will leave the equipment there to provide information on the weather for the next year. The purpose of this expedition is to test our IoT device and to have some fun along the way. We build rugged and reliable connectivity products for this region, so we may as well throw what we can at them and ensure we live up to our promises. We talked to them this morning and this afternoon. They are a bit cold and sore and otherwise all right. The weather station has been set up and they are coming down! Stay tuned for more updates! In the mean time, you can follow the progress (of the guys and the weather station) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Written by rufus

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