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We're looking for great people to join the new BRCK team and help us build an amazing technology company here in Nairobi, Kenya. Simply good won't be enough, if you're not an overachiever (and can prove it), then do not apply. BRCK Jobs: We're Hiring! Apply for all positions by submitting your CV/Resume and a paragraph on "why you" to If you have a portfolio or a body of past work we can see, that plays well in your favor.

Here are the positions we're looking for:

Senior-level Electrical Engineer We're looking for someone who has worked on small electronics, think telcoms, modems, routers, etc. This is not a junior position, so you will be tested extensively on your knowledge. We've got some minimums on this one, including; 3 years designing commercial electronic products and 2 years’ experience using industry standard ECAD tools (Schematic capture, Simulation and Layout tools). You also need to have a proven understanding of both analog and digital design requirements and concerns. More information here. Senior-Level RF Engineer If you love messing with antenna design and tuning, modems, 3G signals, WiFi routers and think network connectivity is the coolest thing going, then let's talk. This isn't a junior position, we need someone with a couple years of real commercialized products and real-world RF design. Most of the time we don't care what your eduction level is, but this time we do. You need to have a BE, BSc or equivalent degree as a minimum requirement, with a masters or higher degree preferred. Production Support and Procurement Specialist The ideal candidate will be a self-starter, with a passion for enabling communication globally. We have very ambitious plans and we are looking for someone that can share our vision, and take the BRCK product to the next level. The position of Production Support and Procurement Specialist is a role that is crucial to BRCK’s continued investment in developing the most reliable devices, at an affordable price point. You will be working with the Engineers and developers at BRCK to deliver the BRCK product and its accessories to the market in a timely fashion. Senior-level Software Engineer We've got some of the best people in Kenya working on our BRCK Cloud, and we're looking for a couple more people to join that side of the team. We're looking for someone who is highly experienced and proficient in Ruby and MySQL, experience with Rails is a plus. If you know Linux internals (Networking on the Linux stack), then we want to talk to you too. At least 3 years experience of software development experience in team-based environments, and know what you're doing around version control systems - preferably Git.

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