BRCK Pricing Changes in 2015

We set the price for the BRCK in 2013 in our Kickstarter campaign, well before many changes to the product, upgrades and final delivery of the device a year later. We’ve kept to that initial $199 pricing through the end of 2014 as a commitment to our first customers. On Feb 1, the retail price for a BRCK will change to $249.99. This new price allows us to include an omnidirectional antenna in every box, as well as the new micro and nano SIM card adapters to make it easier for people who have a hard time finding full-sized data enabled SIM cards. Anyone who buys a BRCK before Feb 1, 2015 will get it for the current $199 on the BRCK store. The increase in pricing helps by giving us more realistic margins to allow us to invest more into improving the BRCK product. Antenna-BRCK

Written by ehersman

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