BRCK Production Update

BRCK Production Update

To our Kickstart supporters and fans of BRCK:

We have had to make a very difficult decision to delay the production release of the BRCK until January. We have been pushing nonstop to get our cases, boards, and software finalized and ready for production - and we are almost there. Unfortunately, we live in a world where small, African, tech companies don’t have the influence to get global component suppliers to meet our delivery deadlines. In particular, we have been unable to secure a timely supply of the 3G modems that are specified for the BRCK. Although it would seem straightforward to simply switch to another modem, the implications of this change effect mechanical design, board layout, and certification - all things that require time to adjust. We are now working with multiple suppliers to find a suitable alternative that we can source in sufficient supply to meet our production demands.

The good news is that we have enough supply of our original modem to allow us to continue with full testing of production BRCK’s. We are planning a substantial expedition at the end of October that will give us the opportunity to put BRCK’s to the test in some of the most demanding environments on the planet. We want to verify every aspect of the operational performance and reliability of the BRCK in real world conditions. Look forward to an update from BRCK in the next few days outlining our plans and giving our supporters an opportunity to follow along as we demonstrate to the world what a BRCK is capable of doing.



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