Breakfast at Mukururo

When you hear about breakfast at Mukururo base near Amboseli, what do you think it looks like? Some hyenas eating a lion’s leftovers? Well… I would also think the same, but on 4th November, the view right outside the camp was breathtaking for the team and I bet even the hyenas would agree with me. The sunrise view is one of a kind that reveals the beauty of the African landscape. This is the second day for us in Mukururo and we have the privilege of setting up a Moja for Big Life at the conservancy. Moja is a product of BRCK which allows users to access free internet through a SupaBRCK. The SupaBRCK is a rugged router, which is waterproof, dust proof, and so strong that you can drive a Land Rover over it several times without breaking it. Yet it is beautifully designed, giving it a superior look with the metal casing making it stand out even in the wild. If the SupaBRCK was human, it would qualify to be a bodybuilder. We start by preparing pancakes for breakfast right outside the camp using my own Mhogo Foods Cassava flour (a company I run) which is a gluten-free and grain-free flour and the best replacement for wheat. As Ruth and I cooked the pancakes, everyone in the team enjoyed every bite and I realized that their faces are brighter and hangovers are gone. There is something about cooking in the wild that makes you want to stay there and eat till you drop. The antelopes and zebras are just staring at us and I am sure they secretly wish that we could get them a tent and give them some of the pancakes. After breakfast, we head out to the ranger’s base to set up Moja, with an antenna mounted on the rooftop so as to make sure that the rangers and their visitors access free internet at a wide range. Even before we finish securing the antenna, some rangers are busy enjoying the cached content, while others are enjoying free internet provided by Moja Free Wifi. We train them on how to use the device (which most of them already know) and have lengthy chats with them. Around 2PM and we head out for a game drive right after having our lunch. The rough and beautiful landscape makes you want to stop after every few meters and take a photo or even get out of the Land Rover and breathe. We finally get to this beautiful view of Kilimanjaro, where we make toast and enjoy our sundowners. When we started the expedition, I thought that we were all going to die… But so far, I have enjoyed every bit of the expedition and I can’t wait to see what is in store for tomorrow.

Written by elizabeth

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