Big day for BRCK

It’s a big day for BRCK, as we have two announcements to make.

First, BRCK has become it’s own organization, spinning out of Ushahidi (who still plays a major role on the board and advising), and ready to go its own direction. There’s a new AngelList profile and subsequently, we are raising our first round of investment. It’s exciting to open up and expand the BRCK family with this step forward, and we look forward to welcoming more of you on that journey. This is an amazing opportunity to take part in redesigning connectivity throughout the world, and for us to build upon the awesome Kickstarter community by expanding our supporters that helped us create this new company.

Our second big piece of news is that we have been working to revamp the BRCK website! The design team has done an incredible job capturing our image and translating the vision. So please feel free to send this around, tell people about us, and give us feedback on this new site. As always your feedback is essential, this is how we learn and grow. Look for some new community features in the coming months and follow the blog for the big updates.

Thanks from the BRCK team!

Written by nivi

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