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Moja WiFi is a turnkey Solution for monetizing public WiFi networks

BRCK has developed a suite of hardware and software connectivity tools that address the challenges of deploying internet connectivity solutions in emerging markets.
At BRCK, we believe that access and affordability constitute the basic requirements in getting people online.

Our hardware and software solutions were developed to solve for the conditions that exist in emerging markets including unreliable power, intermittent backhaul connectivity, harsh environmental conditions and consumers who are faced with unreasonable data costs.

Everyone should have the ability to take advantage of the global digital economy.
We want to level the playing field for those who can’t pay for it.

BRCK exists to connect Africa and Emerging markets to the internet, removing the barriers to connectivity in order to increase economic opportunity.


As an ISP, Moja can augment your network to monetize users currently not monetized.


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