The Kio Kit at the National Library in Thika

The year has started off with a bang here at BRCK! We have shipped Kio Kits to a school project in Tanzania, and just yesterday we spent  the day at the Kenya National Library in Thika Town. A big part of why we built the Kio Kit is to easily and cheaply augment already existing learning materials, books mainly, with up-to-date, relevant and engaging text, audio, and video content. Our focus was mostly on the text part of the Kio Kit’s content, especially as we were in a quiet library setting with children reading books around us.  We have plans to add audio books to the Kio Kit so that book enthusiasts can listen to books as well as read them.  The Kio Kit can play audio and video using the in-kit earphones for each tablet, thus preventing a class (or library) from becoming chaotic when videos are being watched.  The reception was very encouraging and we are excited and look forward to working with more libraries, and schools, in the coming months! Here are some photos from our excursion: 20160122_103745 20160122_111025 IMG-20160127-WA0003-01 IMG-20160127-WA0004-01 IMG-20160127-WA0006-01

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