BRCK Expedition Pemba Photo Essay

I struggle to be like Erik and get my images edited and up on Instagram in the middle of chaos.  I come from the days of big cameras, film, darkrooms, and long periods between clicking the shutter and realising a final image.  I like to think about my pictures.  I’m never happy with them and I often return to Lightroom and edit them again and again until I at least don’t not like them.  This process does not lend itself to the instant forms of social media that we enjoy today.  While I continue to work on my publishing speed, I figured I might as well try my hand at a more contemplative photo essay following our journey on Expedition Pemba.   [foogallery id="4034"]

Written by philip-walton

One response to “BRCK Expedition Pemba Photo Essay”

  1. Bryan Adkins says:

    Beautiful pictures, Philip.

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