We’ve shipped Kio Kits to Tanzania!

When we set out to build the Kio Kit, we were challenged by the opportunity to make a difference in education. Our passion for hardware and software, and the difference it could make in classrooms not only in Kenya, but  across Africa and other emerging economies drives us every day.

It goes without saying that we are super excited that we've shipped Kio Kits to Tanzania! We are looking forward to having a positive impact on student learning outcomes in Tanzania, and learning even more about how we can make the experience on the Kio Kit more useful.

Kits to Tanzania

Written by angie

2 responses to “We’ve shipped Kio Kits to Tanzania!”

  1. Millicent says:

    Yay! Tanzania! BRCK doing great stuff with education. ION, This photo is amaaaaaazing. Please write a blog on tips on how to take great photos.

  2. Edmund Resor says:

    Who are these wonderful folks going to Tanzania? Are they still in “stealth mode”?

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