“Made in Kenya” the 2015 Samburu Expedition

Made in Kenya, the BRCK 2015 expedition to Samburu, Kenya This morning finds us on the road north of Nairobi, heading to Samburu country in northern Kenya. [Actually, it finds us delayed by 2 hours as we troubleshoot a bit of the new education software, but that's besides the point!] Each year we do an expedition, last year we did a trip to Uganda testing around education. The year before that we went up to the shores of Lake Turkana. Here's a video from our trip last year to South Africa overland:

Kenya to South Africa / Nairobi to Johannesburg from BRCK on Vimeo.

Samburu Schools

This year we're going up to Samburu county to do two installations of our BRCK Education school system called the Kio Kit. This kit comes with 40 seven-inch tablets that are all wirelessly charged and the BRCK device acts as the brains of the network, loading content supplied by a number of different partners. All the info on the Kio Kit is in this video below.

We Introduce the Kio Kit from BRCK on Vimeo.

The trip north takes us to a school near Archer's Post, and then a couple days later to one near Korr. Both of them are well off the road, but have been electrified by the Kenya government's school electrification program. So, while we're going with some extra solar kits, we're expecting to be able to use the school's power system. On this trip is Mark (UX), Jeff (Design), Nivi (Education), Janet (Ops), Rufus (Customer Service) as well as Philip, myself, Juliana and Peter. It's a full roster and we're looking forward to having an adventurous road trip. We'll be posting on this trip for the next few days, so you can follow along here on our blog, on our Twitter account @BRCKnet and on our Instagram account @BRCKnet.

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  1. Loki Swanepoel says:

    Hi Erik! Have an amazing trip:) Just don’t forget that when you reach Korr, you will be in Rendille country:) When do you hope to arrive in Korr?

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