A Tribute to the Women of BRCK

The woman at BRCK I'm here seated at my corner and, whenever I put my head up and look around, I see her.  As I walk around to get a cup of coffee, she is there looking beautiful and sophisticated. She is everywhere, like the wind or the air that we breathe. I go to have lunch at Friends and she is there looking classy, asking for chapati and matumbo -- because she defines her class, it's not the matumbo defining her class. She walks barefoot around the office because she can -- and how else are you going to see her manicured toenails? When she decides to wear a pair of high heels, she rocks them like a star on the red carpet. She is the first person you see when you walk through the door, with a bright welcoming smile. If you're new, she makes sure that you aren't stuck at the entrance and quickly asks how she can help. She never forgets a request, even days later. Her speed on the keyboard when responding to the "kings in the field" is amazing. She makes sure no request is left pending to ensure they have an easy time. She is polite, witty, organised, curious, and punctilious.  In the boardroom, she takes a seat at the table and confidently takes charge. She has shown that when a woman's voice is heard, when she participates in discussions, and when she exercises leadership, she brings something unique and highly valuable. The quality of her contributions are key to good decision-making, the impact of which will be felt across the company. The law is on the tips of her fingers and she knows all the jargon, not forgetting that she knows every human being in the company by name and by character. Walk with this woman and you will never get stuck, because she has a solution for almost everything. She will randomly remove a screw driver from her handbag to help you fix a car issue. Wondering where the screwdriver came from? She works in the Network Pillar where she assembles SupaBRCKs and ensures all the cables and boards are in place. Having a problem with opening your beer? She will open it using the spanner in her clutch bag. When she holds a glue gun or a soldering machine, she will do her job to perfection. Ask her what a PCB is, and she will give you all the details. And don’t act surprised yet… she can carry a 40KG Kio Kit down the stairs and across borders to present to a client. I am not exaggerating… this woman will go on top of a building to repair or install a PoP to ensure that you get a good signal for Moja Free WiFi wherever you are.  When it comes to purchasing supplies, be it locally or from China or anywhere else in the world, this woman is a pro. She knows the ins and outs of customs and with just a few questions, she will get your procurement details right and get you what you were looking for -- or even better. She handles and counts the cash better than a bill counter and will tell whether a note is fake or not. Spend some time with her and you will be astonished. Whenever she goes to pitch about Moja Free WiFi to a client, she puts her best foot forward and takes charge of the conversation, ensuring that the client is heard. And even if she does not get a deal that day, she will never give up. Her strength is renewed everyday like the sun and she will eventually close that deal.  Give her a problem to solve using code and she will do it like you have never seen it done before. Her attention to detail, critical thinking, and black screen magic will amaze you. The night owl will commit code in the wee hours and in the morning she will look refreshed and ready to take on another day and another challenge.  When she tests that code, you will never get away with bugs. Because she is curious, a fast learner, creative, and will drive for the results. Don’t be shocked when she wakes you up in the middle of the night to fix a bug. From a distance, during the Wednesday lunch, she will look at the rice and tell you whether or not it's well cooked. She will even tell you the temperature at which the rice was cooked.  She picks that customer service phone call with a smile on her face. She gives them an assurance that everything is under control and follows up to make sure that the customer is happy and satisfied. She is resourceful, ingenious, and creative. When she is project managing, she will document the details keenly and follow up frequently and cheerfully. She will be on time with the delivery of a project because she is timely, keen, and creative. Whenever she boards a matatu during a marketing activity or UX study on Moja Free WiFi, she is friendly with the touts, drivers, and customers. She thrives in user satisfaction and user happiness. She commands the crowd smoothly yet with authority. She is strong, understanding, a critical thinker, self-motivated, and curious. She is the Woman at BRCK!

Written by elizabeth

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