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WHAT ARE PERSONAS? Personas are fictional, generalized characters that encompass the various needs, goals, and observed behavior patterns among your real and potential customers. Personas should be informed by research, ideally qualitative and quantitative. Personas should be used as a tool to summarize and communicate research results. Building personas can help improve the way you … read more


I recently had an opportunity to represent BRCK in the largest design conference in the world, Design Indaba. At the conference, I had a chance to represent BRCK’s work, but perhaps more importantly, what the work represents in relation to a wider African perspective. Africa has for the longest time endured a perspective and narratives … read more

A BRCK UX Workshop at TED Global

TED Global was held in Arusha Tanzania recently. BRCK had the privilege of running two UX workshops there, which was an exciting opportunity to interact with some of the greatest minds in the world. This is arguably the most inspiring group of thinkers and doers that gather in one place for the sole purpose of … read more

Sharing the design cognitive load

The African adage it takes a village is poignant. The idea of community and doing things together places African communities in a unique position for effective human centered participatory design. It also places a special emphasis on context. Our various contextual deep dives into different communities have illuminated just how diverse the context in Africa are, … read more

Taking digital literacy to rural schools

Wajir county has a population of 661,941 and an area of 55,840.6 km². Wajir County has only one local authority: Wajir county council. Somali people who are Muslim in culture and faith predominantly occupy it. The purpose of coming here was to deliver a Kio Kit, our digital literacy kit to Wajir library in Wajir … read more

Designing at the edge of the grid

A year ago, I coined a phrase that grounded my passion for human centered design and is the reason I wake up every morning. “Africa cannot afford un-contextualized design, the stakes are simply too high” never is this so true than in education. One of the reasons I joined and love BRCK is because BRCK … read more


We had a long 17 hour day on the road yesterday. We did this to compensate for over 10 hours lost fixing the Land Rover in Johannesburg. We started at 4:30 in the morning and stopped at around 10p.m. But that has become normal.  Covering over 820km a day is something we have stopped noticing … read more

An afternoon with Zambian entrepreneurs at Bongohive

We spend the afternoon at BongoHive today interacting with the tech community in Zambia. Who was there? We had product based start ups, some service based start ups, education based programs, some designers and developers. It was cool to meet these young entrepreneurs thinking of hardware DEMONSTRATING THE BRCK First Reg Orton and Phil Walton … read more