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Crisis Stack: A microserver for disaster response teams

The heritage of BRCK is that we were born out of Ushahidi, which builds platforms for changing the way information flows in crisis and disasters events globally. It shouldn’t be a surprise then that we think a lot about how BRCK hardware can help extend the ability of disaster response teams around the world. 1: … read more

Internet for Ranches and Wildlife Research

Farms and Ranch WiFi I took off this weekend to test some BRCKs out in some of the more rural parts of Kenya. In this case, I was invited by Michael Nicholson who runs the cattle part of the El Karama Ranch situated near Nanyuki at the foot of Mount Kenya. The ranch is approximately … read more

BRCK Pricing Changes in 2015

We set the price for the BRCK in 2013 in our Kickstarter campaign, well before many changes to the product, upgrades and final delivery of the device a year later. We’ve kept to that initial $199 pricing through the end of 2014 as a commitment to our first customers. On Feb 1, the retail price … read more

Internet, Even When the Lights go Out

As a Kenyan company based in Nairobi, we know first-hand the challenges of dealing with power cuts. So we built a router that stays online when the lights go out. Our team was down in South Africa, a couple weeks ago, which has some power issues that they’re working through. This means different neighborhoods have … read more

A Dash South, and Back Again

It has been 18 days since we left Nairobi for South Africa, then returned to Kenya. In that time, we passed through 8 countries, 18 border posts, covered 9,000 kilometers and saw some of Africa’s amazing beauty and realized just how vast of a continent we live and work on. A BRCK Expedition is meant … read more

Through Mozambique and Malawi

Before we left Nairobi, 2 weeks ago, I though that a 500km day on a motorcycle was a long time. Now I just ask, “well, what will we do in the afternoon then?” We left Harare, where the Arensen’s had hosted us for two nights in their lovely home, for a bit of a long … read more

BRCK at Maker Faire Africa: From Prototype to Production

We’ve been excited to show up at Maker Faire Africa (old site) in Johannesburg for quite a few months, so actually being there yesterday was a big deal for us. Especially as we had driven 4,400km to be here and it was our primary goal for the journey. The BRCK table certainly drew our fair … read more

Chasing the Sun (Days 3 and 4)

Catching up on a few updates at once here, you can read about Day 2 of our trip here. It’s 6am in Lusaka, Zambia as I write this. The last two days have been a blur as we covered over 1,700 kilometers from Dodoma to Lusaka in what can only be considered as marathon sessions … read more